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  The Business  




We are Collective Entrepreneurs, so we start businesses. Currently, we are primarily focussing on the creation and management of our own startups. We are also open for corporate venturing (starting a business with a company as first and most influential investor) and angel venturing (starting a business with an individual is the first and most influential investor).

  The Way  

Team > Ideas



The strength of our approach can be attributed to the Centr’s philosophy: successful businesses start with a team, not ideas. We believe that by creating a team consisting of smart, hands-on and social people with complementary skills and personalities, the right ideas and successful implementations will follow.

Centr is organised as a multidisciplinary collective: everyone is shareholder in every project, but focusses on one. Hereby, risk is spread and members are incentivised to contribute to all projects. We actively track and share our learnings, ask for advice and make use of each others’ skills.

We work lean, meaning we take a problem-based approach in which special attention is given to quickly validating a market need. In addition to checking desirability, we strive to verify viability and feasibility as soon as possible in order to minimize risk.

  The Results  

Centr manages multiple startups simultaneously with its team members working flexible between the projects. In this way we can use our skills and insights where they are needed. This is a collection of the current active startups of Centr. We also update our “startup graveyard” with ideas that turned out to be invalidated.

Click on the icons to read more information on Breeze, MOK and the invalidated projects or kills we have done in the past.

  The People  

Our multidisciplinary team involves designers and developers, all with a background in strategic thinking, consulting and engineering. Our company structure is flat to keep involvement high and decisions thourough.


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"A dating platform where you cannot chat
but directly go on an organized date."

We created Breeze to offer singles a different way to meet new people. Daters create a profile on our platform after which they receive a few handpicked potential matches per week. Daters can say which potential matches they want to meet for a drink. In case both indicated they would want to have a drink, the daters cannot chat but Breeze arranges a date where they immediately meet for the first time. In this way Breeze makes dating more accessible, less time consuming and less brain draining.


"High quality coffee at local cafes made
accessible and cheaper due to a credit system."

MOK was created to make coffee more accessible and cheaper at the local cafes in the city center. These local entrepreneurs and coffee lovers are united with the help of MOK, while keeping their unique character and story. By buying coffee credits upfront MOK is able to provide this coffee at a discount while also hepling people to find these amazing places.


As soon as possible, we want to find out if certain ideas lack viability, desirability and feasibility. This always is unfortunate, but killing ideas early is better than spending money and energy into businesses that would never have worked out. Kills include:

  • Electric step battery subscription model. Reason for kill: Legally not feasible within the Netherlands.
  • Providing an easy respectful way to document the life stories of elderly. Reason for kill: desirability low amongst elderly people and hard to scale.
  • Coaching platform for amateur sport teams. Reason for kill: No real problem resulting in low desirability.
  • A platform for students to fill in each others thesis surveys. Reason for kill: Not viable due to high user acquisition costs and short user lifetime resulting in low revenue per user.

   Joining Centr

We are always open for ambitious students who like to join Centr! Just give us a call or send us an email for more information.